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Now lots of women think they can't wear a slip dress, which is just not true. These women say their boobs are too big, their arms are too flabby, but look at what the women in Who What Where do with their slip dresses! Under fabulous sweaters, bomber jackets, blazers, shawls or scarves! Even a little faux fur jacket. I mean come on Ladies, let's show a little imagination here

These slip dresses are made for you in my patterns by very talented artisans in London. This dress is very slim-fitting. Be sure to check the size chart after measuring yourself. I do wear mine (I am an old lady) with a little short-sleeved t-shirt underneath. And 2 of my customers wear theirs under matching kimonos. Heather

Cat Eye has this to say:

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Slip Dress

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Slip Dresses are for everyone! Trust me, why? Because I'm always right. 

I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. Slip dresses are not just for Kate Moss—you just need to know how to wear them. During the pandemic, I went from seeing them as lingerie-inspired sleep dresses to an effortlessly chic wardrobe foundation. You can sex them up with heels and a chain belt for a date night, wear them as is around the house or layer them day-to-day. My favorite layering pieces are linen blazers, denim jackets, a button up tied at the waist, or cropped sweaters and tees. They thrive with any shoe and make for lightweight luggage during summer travel. 

Here are my favorites:  going left to right is Blue Heron which is bound to be a conversation starter-who can resist this pattern?  Now the short slip dress in the middle is a wild leaf pattern called Soggy Leaf Jumble-great colors and what a show-stopper!  The one on the right is one of Heather's new designs (available Feb 1) called March Red Vine which is a tangled vine with little red leaves bursting out in the first breath of spring-just amazing. Looks like my closet needs all three!

Size Chart

  • XX Small Bust 32" Waist 24" Hips 34.5"

  • X Small Bust 33" Waist 25.5" Hips 36"

  • Small Bust 34.5" Waist 27" Hips 38"

  • Medium Bust 36.5" Waist 29.5" Hips 40"

  • Large Bust 39" Waist 31.5" Hips 42"

  • X Large Bust 41.5" Waist 33.5" Hips 44.5"

  • 2X Large Bust 44" Waist 36.5" Hips 47.5"

Blue Heron Long Slip Dress.png
March Red Vine Slip Dress.png
Soggy Leaf Jumble Short Slip Dress.png
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