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Fitted Twin Sheet CallforEntry.jpg

Fine Art Portfolio

Breakfast on Arroyo.jpg
Opera House at Sunset RMRW.png
Opera House Daytime newsite.jpg
Flower Stall .png
Retiro now and then small.jpg
Study Time.png
La Boca-The Wash Line.jpg
Coffee in Marlborough small.png
Drawing 3_24x38.jpg
A Day in NZ.jpg
Time To Bring In The Clothes.jpg

Left: Flower Stall Right: Breakfast on Arroyo
Below Left: Opera House at Sunset
Below: Opera House Daytime
Below Right: Study Time

Above: Backyard Paradise BA Right Above: South View Right Below: Retiro Now and Then

Left: Woven Firefall Center: Coffee in Marlborough Right: Time to Bring in the Clothes

Arroyo y Suipacha.jpg

Left: Wash Line La Boca Center: Fun Day in NZ Right: Arroyo y Suipacha

Vacant Building Late Afternoon.jpg
15 Minutes of Sunshine small.png
Old Man's Domain.jpg

Left: Vacant Building Afternoon  Center: 15 Minutes of Sunshine  Right: Old Man's Domain

Grapes _ Beach NZ.jpg
Vine Bowl.jpg
NZ Vine Valley.jpg
Building Drawing_44x30.jpeg
Vine Valley 3.jpg
Backyard Paradise Tustin small.png
South View.jpg
Sheet Art 1 CallforEntry.jpg
Sauvignon Country.jpg

NZ Vine Line Patterns

Left: Fitted Sheet  Center: Backyard Tustin  Right: Sheet Art

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