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I am a life long artist with stacks and stacks of drawings, prints and paintings that hardly anyone ever saw. Still lifes, landscapes, portraits, urban drawings, sketchbooks galore all were stuffed into my closet and under the bed.

I have also been a shopping machine for as many years and have wanted to have my designs on the things that I was buying in clothing, fabric for sewing, home décor or tabletop. Now in my retirement years, I have decided to unite my art passion to my shopping habit.

As my portfolio covers from 1980 to last week you will see a big array of styles and subject matter. I have learned in my advanced years, that the spark of Inspiration doesn’t care if it fits in your collection. 

And if you are a shopper like me, I do have shops where some very nice items with my images can be purchased.


If you are a manufacturer or retailer, I have contracts ready to be signed for the licensing of my images or the outright purchase-let’s talk about it.

Here are the details:

I live in The Woodlands, Texas, married to a super-patient man, Mom to two grown people, full-time artist developing a surface design business.

• Graduated in 1977 with a BFA in Printmaking, minor in Painting from the University of Texas at El Paso.

• For years a full-time non-profit volunteer for schools, churches, community art projects, community gardens, Boy Scouts of America.

• Deeply committed Christian with many years of working for various parishes in fund

raising, building committees, facility management, teaching, outreach programs, bible studies, retreats, liturgical art and design


Studio Art Quilt Associates

Modern Quilt Guild

Society for Catholic Liturgy (associate member)

The Woodlands Art League

Conroe Art League