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Vegan Leather Tote Bags

These vegan leather bags will be your very favorite to carry to school, work, exercise class, vacations, all the time! Made for you one at a time in Montreal, Canada by the very picky folks at Art of Where printed in Heather’s fascinating patterns, these bags are perfect for you!

Art of Where BH Fight vegan tote.png
Art of Where Camelbone White flower vegan tote .png

Vegan Leather Shoulder Bags

Art of where vegan Crossbody White Flowe
Art of where Vegan Shoulder Spring Pine
Art of Where Vegan Crossbody VA3_edited.

Vegan Leather Make-Up Bags

Art of Where Camelbone Black Door make u
Art of where VA7 make up bag
Art of where Anthurium Make up bag 1_edi
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