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Short/Long Sleeves T-Shirts

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Now let's talk about how to wear this T-shirt: could be the most versatile piece of clothing you have in your whole closet. Mixes perfectly with jeans, nice slacks, leather pants and any kind of skirt; under a sweater, blazer, denim jacket, leather coat. Great for sport, nice enough for dressing up. Made in England.

  • Available in 8 sizes including plus size t-shirts

  • Choose from poly jersey standard weight or heavy weight

  • Choice of short cap sleeves or long sleeves

  • Cold water wash, low heat tumble dry

Belle Cat Eye.jpg

Cat Eye has this to say:

No wardrobe is complete with out the classic tee-but Heather offers a twist. Gone are the days of the plain white tee; her patterns can take your classic jeans from a basic outfit to an absolute fashion statement. With soft fabrics, your choice of a scoop or V-neck, and two sleeve lengths, you are set for the seasons. 


What I really like about these T-shirts are all the colors in the patterns that are available for working with what you have in your closet. Each of the patterns below (which are my favorites) work with just about every skirt, jacket, sweater, blazer, pair of pants that I own! For example: the one on the left which is called Virginia Autumn 1 has pink, purple, rust brown, pistachio green and magenta. The shirt in the middle (Magnificent Mosaic 3) has yellow, two shades of green, cobalt blue, a touch of red and black! The shirt on the right, which will be available Feb 1st, are these giant leaves in gold, orange, brown, rust, fabulous magenta! I could actually live in these 3 shirts for weeks to come! Talk about versatility!

JEC in skirt Roses and Stripes.png
Magnificent Mosaic 3 T Shirt Short Sleeves.jpeg
Virginia Autumn 1 Long Sleeve T.jpeg
Soggy Leaf Jumble Long Sleeve T.jpeg

Size Chart

  • X Small Bust 28-31"Waist 21-24" USA Dress Size 00-0

  • Small Bust 31-35" Waist 24-28" USA Dress Size 2-4

  • Medium Bust 35-38" Waist 28-31" USA Dress size 6-8

  • Large Bust 38-41" Waist 31-34" USA Dress Size 10-12

  • X Large Bust 41-44" Waist 34-37" USA Dress Size 14-16

  • 2X Large Bust 44-49" Waist 37-42" USA Dress Size 18-20

  • 3X Large Bust 49-54" Waist 42-46" USA Dress Size 22-24

  • 4X Large Bust 54-58" Waist 46-51" USA Dress Size 26-28

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