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Long Scarves

I am a true scarf lover, owner, collector, and wearer of all kinds of scarves. I love the look, the versatility, the bonus to my wardrobe and the individuality of the scarf. Here are my selling points for scarves in general:

  • Functional-cover your shoulders when the air conditioning is freezing your neck and head or to give you a little extra warmth if it is cold outside.

  • Fashionable-great little accent to spiff up an outfit

  • Capsule Design Component-rely on the scarf pattern to pull together an entire capsule design

  • Great Gift-almost every woman on the planet will like a silk scarf

  • Collectible-designer scarves can bring in the most amazing prices on the resale auction sites.

  • Beautiful and reverent for use in worship

To see my long scarf portfolio: 

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