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Rain Jackets

Now let's talk about how to wear this rain jacket: could be the most useful pieces of clothing you have in your whole closet. Mixes perfectly with jeans, nice slacks, leather pants and any kind of skirt; over a sweater, blazer, denim jacket, or leather coat.  Length is long enough to cover your derriere if you have to sit someplace wet. Each pattern has a matching long sleeve or short sleeve T shirt for underneath. Perfect!

  • Your choice of two waterproof fabrics: Ella Waterproof Plus 2.06 oz or Breathable Waterproof 4.57 oz.

  • Two lined side seam pockets

  • Hood with drawstring

  • Long sleeves, mid-thigh in length

  • Made for you with my design in England

  • Rolls up nicely for packing

  • Wash in cool water, low temperature tumble dry or best to hang to dry, do not wring

Hoping for Rain 2_edited.png
Belle Cat Eye.jpg

Cat Eye has this to say:

Just because the weather is drab doesn't mean your outfit should be too. Our study, weatherproof rain jackets add a pop of panache and pattern to your darkest days. Throw this on and you'll be dry underneath even at the kid's soccer game or running to catch a cab or standing in line at the Red Line Station. I love these rain jackets and you know how cats hate to be wet.


Here are my personal picks for you. I chose the darker patterns simply because I live in a big, noisy, dirty city with really crummy weather. I ride commuter trains and walk blocks and blocks in rain or snow (poor me) so I like darker colors for this type of cover. On the left is Heather's best selling pattern in her rain jackets: Autumn Asian Jasmine is a gold vine climbing up a dark grey tree; middle is Celestial Ceiling 2 which is a dome from a Gothic Cathedral-blue, white, grey geometric pattern; on the right is 13th century carved stone against a rich black. Beautiful!

Ariane's art.jpg

I have one of Heather's Rain Jackets and I just love it. Lightweight which is perfect for warm, humid places, easy to roll up and pack. Here are my favorite patterns from Heather's collection, which I have purchased in A-Line Dresses. On the left is Virginia Autumn 2 which is every color in the world in one cool abstract leaf print, in the middle, Magnificent Mosaic 3, comes from a photo Heather took in France of a mosaic floor, and on the right are these beautiful, graceful white egrets in a rust-red cypress tree: Autumn White Egret.

Les Yeux de L'Art

Size Chart​

  • XX Small USA Dress Size 2

  • X Small USA Dress Size 4

  • Small USA Dress Size 6

  • Medium USA Dress Size 8

  • Large USA Dress Size 10

  • X Large USA Dress Size 12

  • 2X Large USA Dress Size 14

Virginia Autumn 2 Rain Jacket 1_23.png
Monastery Rain Jacket 1_23.png
Autumn White Egret Rain Jacket 1_23.png
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