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Product Information

I design with you in mind. Each collection is carefully curated from hundreds of my patterns to make styling an individualist look effortless.  Mix my patterns with your classics to elevate a minimalist wardrobe or dress head-to-toe in a work of art for a maximalist statement. On this page, I have invited several fashionistas to contribute their thoughts about my patterns. Each are customers and wear my products. Heather

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Cat Eye Wardrobes

Taste Maker

Cat Eye A Line September.png

From Cat Eye Wardrobes:

In a perfect world, you would wake up every morning with every hair in place, your outfit for the day completely perfect in fit, function, without breaking your spread sheet (budget). But ha, ha, guess what? You still have to make the changes, so just listen to me and you'll be just fine.

Classics: These are the clothes you trust:

  • Little Black Dress

  • Blue Jeans

  • Plain White Tee

Here's where Heather Wasaff comes into your closet.

Her patterns and products are the Tastemaker: This is the piece that brings the flavor. It's the vodka creme sauce of your outfit-rich, beautiful and singular. Think bold colors and kaleidoscopic patterns. A killer scarf elevates a little black dress. Blue jeans are saved by an ornately patterned tank. Instant taste, instant compliments.

So here's what I do for Heather: She sends me her new pattern designs and her interpretations on how they would look in clothing and I tell her

A) How brilliant her patterns are,

B) if I like her product, and

C) How to make it work in every woman's closet like the A Line Dresses shown here.


And I keep your budget/lifestyle/artistic statement/body shape all in mind. All for you. 

Trust me, I'm never wrong. 

Ariane's art.jpg

Les Yeux de L'Art

My eyes were immediately drawn to Heather's fabrics with all her artistically varied and beautiful eclectic designs. Each pattern has a story to tell...they are expressive and a joy to wear!

The practicality of the A-Line dress is my favorite as it is light weight, comfortable and cool to wear. Occasionally I will accessorize it with a belt to give it a different look. I have purchased many pieces with various patterns and style including a scarf with a beautiful hand drawn architectural design which I can wear or hang on my wall. I loved it so much Heather made it into a lightweight raincoat which is so fun and practical to wear in humid climates. Her designs are limitless and can be used in so many different ways from fashion, wall art, home decor and beyond. 

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