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Avoid Packing Pandemonium

Step One: Read Our Blog

Step Two: Do your homework: Where are you going and what will you be doing and what is the weather like and how many days will you be gone and how are you traveling?

Step Three: Check out your Closet: Do the clothes you want to take look good, do they still fit, are they the best choice for this trip, are they versatile enough to make more than one outfit?

Step Four: Shop right here for the best travel gear in your choice of Heather's unique and exquisite patterns.

Heather's Paradise Packing Plans

Avoid Packing Pandemonium A Line Dress.jpg

Get ready to turn heads on your trip in our stunning A-Line dress. Flattering and feminine, this wardrobe essential is the perfect sightseeing, market-cruising, museum-visiting dress. Comfortable, packable, affordable and flexible enough to dress up for cocktails on the plaza or keeping it casual for brunch with friends. Best of all on your trip, this dress is washable in the hotel sink and will dry like a dream hanging in the shower!

Avoid Packing Pandemonium Rain Jacket.jpg

How many times on your trips have you wished you had a lightweight jacket that could fold up neatly and keep you dry or warm or out of the wind? Our sleek lightweight jackets are weather-ready fashion, fusing style and functionality in Heather’s alluring patterns. All these advantages for only 7 ounces in weight! 

Avoid Packing Pandemonium Kimono.jpg

What to take for loungewear on a trip presents a dilemma. Pajamas and robes can be bulky and take up lots of suitcase room. Heather has the solution with her elegant, yet lightweight and easy to pack, kimonos on top of a comfortable easy care tunic T-shirt used as a nightshirt. Weighing only 14 ounces together, this set can be very elegant together as well as flexible: the kimono could top your favorite A line dress for cocktails out or use it as a beach cover-up. Just as flexible, Heather’s tunic t-shirt pairs well with jeans for a casual stroll. 

Avoid Packing Pandemonium Wrap Dress.jpg

Our wrap dresses exude timeless elegance, effortlessly flattering with a belted waist and could be perfect for any occasion on your trip that calls for a bit more traditional style. These wrap dresses weigh only 14 ounces. Perfect for religious services, weddings, corporate meetings, anywhere you want to look elegant as well as classy. Pairs perfectly with pumps, dressy sandals or mules. 

Avoid Packing Pandemonium Tshirt.jpg

What travel wardrobe would leave out T-Shirts? The most versatile, wearable, packable piece of clothing every invented. Heather’s T-Shirts are available with lots of choices: patterns, sleeve length, collar rounded or v-neck, fabric choice. 

Facebook Avoid Pandemonium tank wrap 6_24_24.png

Every travel wardrobe needs one really fun outfit for the dance floor, buzzing around on a Vespa, out for breakfast, lunch, cocktails, dinner! These two pieces: loose tank top and the wrap skirt are made for you in Montreal, Canada of an easy to care for peach skin poly jersey. The tank tops are very comfortable and perfect for topping jeans, or nice slacks, under jackets, combined with scarves. The wrap skirt is a one size fits most, terrifically comfortable and looks great combined with sweaters or denim jackets.

Facebook avoid pandemonium banks 6_24_24.png
Avoid Packing Pandemonium backpacks.jpg
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