In designing scarves, I ask my favorite customers how they use them. Number one use for a scarf is to accent an outfit, second reason was for giving a boring outfit (like a uniform) a little zip, and third was the scarf is just useful for keeping the air conditioning off your neck, or keeping you warm when it's cold outside. And some of my customers wear my scarves for worship time. Endless possibilities... 

Long Scarves - Nature

  • Scarves are so versatile: tie them around your head, your hat, your neck even around the straps on your handbag. Take a look at our scarf tying video to get more ideas. Choose from 5 different fabrics, available in two different sizes. Patterns are all from my photos of trees, leaves and flowers of my Paradise.  Custom printed for you in Montreal by very picky, talented artisans. 

  • My scarves are custom-made, one by one. I will provide replacements only in case of poor craftsmanship or material defect. Photos of the defect are necessary for replacement.