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Prayer Pillows

One of the most private and personal things we do is Pray. No matter what your beliefs are, time spent quiet meditation is a very powerful tool in having a well-balanced life. I designed these pillows after reflecting on my own Prayer Life and realizing I needed to use my fascination with sacred architecture to make something everyone could use and enjoy.


  • Perfect for your quiet prayer corner

  • Decorative pillow to remind you to pray

  • Pocket in back holds everything you need for Prayer Time

  • Includes a prayer shawl in matching fabric

  • Perfect gift for the spiritual prayer warrior in your life

  • Custom made: 6 week lead time

  • To order, email me at the address below

  • Choice include: one of 42 patterns (use button below to see my pattern portfolio)

  • Choice of fabric, trim, lace, tassels or plain, several sizes to choose from.

  • Prices start at $150.


Prayer Pillow Collection.jpg
Prayer Pillow CC1-4 Inserts.jpg
Prayer Pillow CC 8 Insert.png
Prayer Pillow Insert CC 9.jpg
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