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Bespoke Men's Shirts

Bespoke mens shirts.png

Diana Loghin

Diana's shirts are a marvel.

Every stitch is perfect, every seam surged and perfect, every buttonhole a work of art. The kind of shirt to be worn for many years to come!

Diana's shirts are truly "Bespoke" in that her designs are her very own. 

Come meet her Sunday, February 19th at our first Pop-up Art of Fashion show at Framecraft Gallery, The Woodlands, TX. Diana and I will be there from 2:00 pm to 5:00 showing my fabrics and her men's shirts. Email me for more details. 

My Fabric for
Men's Shirts

I have a special fondness for beautiful men's shirts. My Dad loved silk shirts and in fact, he is buried in his favorite gold and white silk shirt topped with his favorite silk tussah sports coat. My husband is very particular about his shirts (casual or dressy) and he likes Diana's shirts. 

Get in touch with either one of us at our email addresses. Choose from over 40 patterns for the fabric here.

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