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When desigining my scarves I rely on the input from my favorite customers to tell me how they use this shape. My customers who dress for work love the long scarf to tie around the neck almost like a necktie. The younger customers tell me they like the long scarves for winding through long hair, heavy braids and wind through dreadlocks! 

Long Scarves - Prayerful Patterns

  • Long scarves are so versatile: tie them around your head, your hat, your neck even around the straps on your handbag. Available in two different sizes: 10" wide by 45" long or 16" wide by 72" long. Take a look at our scarf tying video to get more ideas. Choose from 5 different fabrics. My images are all from my photos of churches, cathedrals, monasterys and shrines in Portugal, Spain and France.  Custom printed for you in Montreal by very picky, talented artisans. 

  • My scarves are custom made for you: one by one.  A lot of thought has gone into each design and the artisans in Montreal are very proud of the workmanship in each product. I will provide a replacement scarf in case of bad workmanship. Photos must accompany the request for replacement

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