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Let's Get Dressed Up

I design with you in mind. Each collection is carefully curated from hundreds of my patterns to make styling an individualist look effortless.  Mix my patterns with your classics to elevate a minimalist wardrobe or dress head-to-toe in a work of art for a maximalist statement.

Loose Tank Top

Belle Cat Eye.jpg

Cat Eye has this to say:

A great fitting tank top in a killer pattern can really stretch your wardrobe budget. And of course, Heather offers scarves in matching patterns so that it looks dressier when you need to look professional. Under a blazer, sweater, silk shirt: nothing like a tank top! 

These tailored tanks are one of my favorites pieces in this collection. The simple cut and expressive prints offer the perfect balance of polish and personality. I love these with denim, trousers, sweaters and blazers year round. Think about it: you can pair one of these with your most classic black suit and still stand out. Another great styling trick is teaming it up with a matching scarf. Friend of the brand Joy had Lynn Butler Bradford (hyperlink) up the ante with a custom matching linen jacket. It can’t get any easier than this.

Belle Cat Eye.jpg

Now lots of women think they can't wear a slip dress, which is just not true. These women say their boobs are too big, their arms are too flabby, but look at what the women in Who What Where do with their slip dresses! Under fabulous sweaters, bomber jackets, blazers, shawls or scarves! Even a little faux fur jacket. I mean come on Ladies, let's show a little imagination here. 

Slip Dresses are for everyone! Trust me, why? Because I'm always right. 

I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. Slip dresses are not just for Kate Moss—you just need to know how to wear them. During the pandemic, I went from seeing them as lingerie-inspired sleep dresses to an effortlessly chic wardrobe foundation. You can sex them up with heels and a chain belt for a date night, wear them as is around the house or layer them day-to-day. My favorite layering pieces are linen blazers, denim jackets, a button up tied at the waist, or cropped sweaters and tees. They thrive with any shoe and make for lightweight luggage during summer travel. Get one if you want to work smart, not hard.

Slip Dress

Cat Eye has this to say:

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Silk Kimono

Cat Eye has this to say:

Do you have a collection of minimalist dresses and tops that need a little extra kick? Then a patterned silk kimono is in order. Another day-to-night hero piece, you can wear it as a light robe at home, throw it on top of your Little Black Dress or Plain White Tee, or wear it by itself on a date—it looks great with a killer heel and some eyeliner. 

Wrap Dress

All Over T-Shirt Short Sleeves

All Over T-Shirt Long Sleeves

Square Scarves

Long Scarves